Promoting your business in the digital world out there can be confusing. We're no longer living in a time when a local newspaper ad and a Yellow Pages listing were all you needed to get started! These days, to attract new customers, you must use both Google AdWords and social media marketing, which can be quite baffling, expensive, and, not to forget, time-consuming. We’re here to make it easier for you. Trade Heroes has been designed to be a simple and economical source of advertising for tradies. Now you can advertise your business and promote your services to customers without needing a marketing degree!

No matter how daunting the task may seem, our heroes are there to save the day. Now, advertise your skills with Trade Heroes like never before. 


We began with a little dream of connecting all the tradies to the people who need their service and building a trusted community of people that can depend on each other and get things done on time. Thus, began ‘Trade Heroes’, the hero bunch of tradies who can get any outsourced job done for you, without wearing a cape, in no time!


Our company's cornerstone​ is ‘trust’. Trust is what we base our operations on, be it inside the company or outside, while completing a task. From simple to complicated tasks, we are here to support our tradies to keep up with their​ commitments while ensuring they leave behind nothing but satisfied customers.

Why Trade Heroes?

  • All trades can be advertised at a low cost. 
  • You can maintain a presence by buying long-term packages.
  • Keep your customers up to date with seasonal offers and information by changing your messages. 

Trade Heroes, a one-stop-shop for all! 

Do you need a job done at your home or workplace? Trade Heroes allows customers to find the exact tradies they need. This way, both parties get the job done on time. 

Are you interested in an apprenticeship or some casual work? As a Trade Hero, you​ will be able to upload a profile so prospective employers can find you! Outline what industry you want to work in, what skills and experience you already have, and what your career goals are.

Are you an employer seeking employees? Trade Heroes helps you find workers or apprentices by searching through profiles and finding the right person for the job. 

Get the job done!

Trade Heroes is simply there to match people looking for trades with people offering services; and people looking for work with those needing staff. Get in touch today and get your advertising sorted straight away!