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Galvins Plumbing Supplies: Your Trusted Partner Since 1933

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Choose Galvins Plumbing Supplies – Where Your Needs Forge Our Path


Welcome to Galvins Plumbing Supplies, where our roots in the community date back to our founding by Mr. Roy Galvin at 452 Murray Street, Perth on March 4, 1933. As a family-owned business, we have grown from a local supplier to the leading plumbing authority in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, embodying a tradition of excellence and a commitment to the community for over 90 years.

Our Evolution: What started as a humble endeavor has blossomed into a robust network of 24 branches. Our reach extends through diverse industries including Plumbing, Mining, Marine, Food Service, and HVAC/R sectors. This expansion is fueled by our dedication to adapt and evolve according to the needs of our clients and the changing landscapes of these industries.

Our Strength: The core of Galvins is our team—comprising over 500 years of collective experience. This depth of knowledge and expertise ensures that we provide unparalleled service and offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Our global network of manufacturers and suppliers enhances our ability to meet your demands with precision and speed.

Our Commitment to You:

You Are Valued: You are the cornerstone of our business; your satisfaction is our priority.
You Are Essential: We thrive by fulfilling your needs; we exist because of and for you.
You Are Our Purpose: Your interests drive our operations. You are not just part of our daily routine; you are the reason for it.
You Are Appreciated: Each opportunity to serve you is valued deeply, as we strive to exceed your expectations.
You Are Respected: We listen to understand, not to contest. Your needs guide our actions and responses.
You Define Us: Your requirements shape our services. By bringing your needs to us, you help define our path forward.
Choose Galvins Plumbing Supplies: Where tradition meets innovation, and where every client is family. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of plumbing and beyond.

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