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Celeste & Niels: Visionary Founders of FencrGatr

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Straight Up Fences and Gates


We're Niels and Celeste, the energetic duo powering FencrGatr - the biz transforming the fencing scene one killer project at a time. Niels is not only a master craftsman and the Lead Installer but also a mad surfer who rides the waves like he crafts the fences – with passion and skill. While Celeste, the operational heartbeat, keeps things running smoother than a fresh set of bearings. Together we're on a mission to guide you to your dream fence while showing heaps of love to our fur babies when we're off the clock. With nearly a decade of experience, we bring top-notch fences and gates to your place, ramping up not just the security but also the good looks. Our commitment? Only the best, delivered with a golden service that's as unmatched as Niels on a surfboard. Whether it's for your home or business, we bring you solutions that are the perfect trifecta of security, beauty, and functionality. Trust in FencrGatr to nab that peace of mind and a fence that’s pure gold.







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