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Backrack Mick

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PROMPT AND RELIABLE ELECTRICIAN PERTH!The Bearded Electrician is an A grade Electrician who services all of Perth Metro and regional areas.Excellent reviews. Check out my website at www.thebeardedelectrian.com.au


Michael Backrack is the owner and a skilled electrician at LCMG Electrical, a well-established business located in the southern region of Perth. With extensive expertise in the electrical industry, Michael effectively manages the company while also actively engaging in hands-on work. His deep understanding of electrical systems and commitment to delivering high-quality services enables LCMG Electrical to excel in providing reliable solutions to its clients. Michael's business acumen and technical proficiency have contributed to the company's success, making it a trusted and sought-after electrical service provider in the southern part of Perth.

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LIC NO - EC224


LIC NO - EC224





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All your residential electrical needs

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