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Peter Stannard Plumbing and Gas: Premier Plumbing, Gas, Air Conditioning & Hot Water Services

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Keeping Perth Comfortable: Expert in Hot Water & Air Conditioning Solutions


Meet Peter Stannard, your expert in plumbing, gas, and especially in air conditioning and hot water systems. With a rich history in the industry, Peter combines old-school values with modern expertise to deliver unparalleled service in Perth. Specialised Air Conditioning Services: • Expert Installation: Precision and care in installing various air conditioning models. • Maintenance & Repairs: Regular servicing and prompt repairs to keep your unit running efficiently. • Replacement Solutions: Upgrading old systems with the latest, energy-efficient air conditioners. Hot Water System Mastery: • Installation & Setup: Seamless installation of a wide range of hot water systems. • Maintenance Expertise: Ensuring your hot water system operates at its best. • Efficient Replacement: Up-to-date solutions for hot water system upgrades, focusing on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Peter Stannard is not just a plumber; he’s a specialist in ensuring your home remains comfortable, whether it's through reliable hot water or a perfectly functioning air conditioning system. His commitment to quality service, combined with his extensive knowledge in these areas, makes him a top choice in Perth. For top-tier air conditioning and hot water services, along with comprehensive plumbing and gas solutions, contact Peter Stannard Plumbing and Gas today!

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Specialises in Hot Water Systems and Air Conditioning: Expert Installation and Maintenance

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