Do you feel like you have made a difference?

Going to a customer’s home is often just part of the daily routine for most tradies as they arrive to fix a broken tap, rewire an electrical fault or service a clogged air conditioner!

But for the customer it is a completely different story! 

When you arrive with your tools and expertise you are a welcome relief to a problem that either urgently needs fixing or a job that has been bugging them for ages.

You are a TRADE HERO making a DIFFERENCE to their daily life!

Beware, don’t loose your HERO STATUS before you have even started!

We all know word of mouth as a tradesperson is paramount to the success of your business and if you leave a job with your cape flying high you know you have impressed the customer and repeat or referred work will flow. 

However, the tiniest chink in the service chain can upset the referral process and ultimately can impact your reputation.

So how do you ensure your HERO STATUS flourishes and customers remain loyal?

Check out these simple, but vital tips to adhere to when you visit a home ready to provide your trade expertise.

  • Initial phone conversation.

Ensure your phone conversation is friendly, efficient and professional. Instil confidence in your customer that you’re an expert in your trade and you will be there on time and ready to fix the problem

  • Don’t be late.

There is nothing worse than a tradie that rocks up to a job late. It annoys the customer and starts the job off on the wrong footing.

  • Look the part.

If you are dressed in smart tradie work wear, your tools are organised and your work vehicle is clean and presentable, your customer will immediately have a great first impression and trust in the job you’re about to do.

  • Communicate 

Ensure you explain to your customer exactly what you believe needs to be fixed and how long (and how much) you think it will be to complete the job.

Communicating with your customer about the job in hand allows them to appreciate what you need (time, space, access etc..) and encourages trust and confidence that you are the right tradie for their job!

  • Clean up after yourself.

When you have finished the job, ALWAYS clean up your worksite and leave the home as you had entered it.

  • Provide a friendly job wrap up!

Once the job is complete, it is important to provide the customer with a summary of what you have done and what maintenance might be required to keep the machine, floor or pool working properly. Always leave behind a magnet, business card or some type of marketing material to encourage your customer to contact you again or refer your service to a friend.

You will be a HERO in their DAILY LIVES.

There is no better feeling than to finally have a maintenance job fixed at your home. So never underestimate the power of providing great customer service together with your skilled trade. 

You have made their lives easier and if you have followed all the simple tips above, your cape will be flying high for a long time to come!