Ditch the FIFO life and start your own business!

It’s no secret that working FIFO can be a drag for workers and their family and friends. 

While it might be financially lucrative to take on a FIFO job, being away for weeks on end can take its toll. The FIFO lifestyle can lead to mental health issues such as depression which can come from the loneliness of being away from family and friends. Families back in Perth suffer too and FIFO life often leads to relationship breakdowns. 

The FIFO lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and if you’ve nearly had enough if it all, why not consider using your skills to start up your own business in Perth?

There’s HUGE demand for trades in Perth

The housing boom has affected all trades, and there just isn’t enough skilled workers to keep up with demand. If you are a skilled tradie, now is the time to set up your own business and start working in the metro area. So many homeowners want repairs and maintenance on their homes and are having to deal with waitlists. Too many jobs and not enough tradies to keep up with the work means you’ll have jobs and an income right away. It’s worth taking the risk and going out on your own right now!

Enjoy being your own boss!

There are so many reasons why it’s better to be your own boss! 

  • Control your schedule: When you are calling the shots, you can decide what days you want to work – or whether you’d rather take a day off to go fishing! You are the one booking in your jobs, so you control how much and when you want to work.
  • The money is all yours: When you are working for yourself, there is no salary cap. It all depends on how much effort you put in and how much work you do as to what you earn. You are the one giving the quotes, so you get to set your own rates and reap the rewards!
  • Build your empire: You might start small but before you know it, your business will boom. You get to enjoy the pride that comes from building a successful business of your own.
  • Use your skills: There’s so much job satisfaction when you are working for yourself. You will get to use all your skills on every job you do and enjoy seeing the finished product and the results of your hard work.

No more going away!

The BEST reason for ditching the FIFO life is that you no longer need to be away from your family. Imagine being home for all those important occasions – school events, kid’s sports, anniversaries and birthdays, Christmas. You’ll be around for the day-to-day life too which is better for your own mental health as well as for your family’s. Start a new routine where you are home and more present with your family, you’ll be glad you made the change!

Is it time to ditch the FIFO? 

If you’re ready to start your own trade business in Perth and reap the rewards of working for yourself, you’ll need some help.

Trade Heroes are here to get the word out about your new business, and help you find customers. Check out Perth’s best online trade directory at tradeheroes.com.au