Got jobs that need doing? What’s stopping you?!

Have you been looking around your home at all the jobs that need to be done? A bit of painting here, some electrical work there, a garden clean-up too…the list of jobs is endless, and you know it’s too much to do yourself.

So why aren’t you calling a tradie to come and help?

Trade Heroes hear it all the time – we want to get the work done, but here’s our reasons why we can’t. But for every “can’t” there’s a responding “can”! 

Here’s some tips to make you feel better about getting a tradie out to your house.

I’m worried about the cost.

Tradies can be expensive, but a lot of the time they will surprise you. That job you have been putting off might be a quick fix for someone with the right tools and skills, and it will cost you less than you’d thought. Get a few quotes and be reassured you’re paying the right price.

How do I know I can trust them?

We’ve all heard “dodgy tradie stories” before, but in reality they are few and far between. Take the time to read reviews and speak to people to get their recommendations. Other people’s experiences are valuable in your own decision-making..

How can I get them to fit in with my timeframes?

Everyone is busy and sometimes it is difficult to fit in tradies with your own work schedule. And nobody wants to be waiting around for a tradie who doesn’t show up on time! The good news is that a lot of tradies will work after hours to fit in, so they may come in the evening to quote, and can do the work when it suits you. If they want the job, they will be flexible with time.

Will they do a good job?

This comes down to doing your research. Everyone has a smart phone these days and all tradies are snapping before and after photos of their jobs to upload to social media. Find the person’s social media and website and look at the work they have done in the past. That way you’ll know the person you’re hiring can do the job right!

It’s such a small job, I could just do it myself…

This is probably the biggest dilemma; we all think we can DIY and we may even have a mate or family member who has said “I’ll help!” But is it worth taking up your spare time to do a job that a professional could do for you? Getting a tradie in means the job will be done properly, to a high standard, and in a certain timeframe. Forget spending your weekends slaving over jobs just to save a little money; get in a tradie and use your free time in better ways!

Where can I find the tradie I need?

The answer to this one is simple: is Perth’s best resource for those looking for tradies, and for tradies wanting to promote their services. It’s easy to find who you are looking for in your suburb and liaise with them through the site to get quotes.

So now there’s nothing stopping you! Get those spring jobs done NOW!