Tradie Tips: Keep your tools in tip top shape!

A tradie is only as good as his tools, and when your livelihood depends on how well your tools are working, you want to make sure they are always looked after. 

Your tools are a huge investment and can make or break your business. Here’s some tips to help keep your tools maintained so they last longer and work better.

The right tool for the right job

How you use your tools, and which ones you use for each job, affect their longevity. It’s important to only use the appropriate tool for the task so that you avoid damage. It may be tempting to grab what’s closest to you when you need it, and you’ve probably done it before when you’ve quickly used a pair of fliers as a hammer! In the long run, this will only cause damage to your tools, and you should only use them for what they are designed for! 

Pay attention to what your tools are telling you!

If you’re using anything with parts that rub together, keep them well lubricated. Lubrication reduces friction and means less stress on the parts, therefore helping tools working longer. If your tool starts making an unusual noise, drop the “she’ll be right” attitude and give the tool some attention. Stop using it right away and check out what is causing the noise. Something simple that can be fixed right away could lead to un-repairable damage if ignored.

Keep them clean

Most tools only take a few seconds to clean, but this can save you a lot of money and downtime in the long run. Tools left dirty will rust quicker, and dirt particles can cause damage in power tools. It might be as simple as wiping tools down with a rag after they have been used or applying some oil on those that need the protection. Proper cleaning will give your tools a longer life.

The right storage

Storing your tools and equipment properly helps keep them from damage. The best tip for tool storage is to avoid humidity and moisture. Tools should be kept in a dry place and hung up where possible to avoid moisture creeping up through floors.  Power tools should be stored in their original cases where possible, or at least in a hard plastic case that protects from humidity. For extra peace of mind, find some silica gel packs to throw into your tools box to draw moisture away from your valuable tools.

 Regular Maintenance

Don’t just pack them away and forget about them! Like anything, tools need regular maintenance to keep them working properly and extend their lifespan, so take the time to give them a regular check-up. Repair cracks or splinters in handles, add some protective linseed oil, keep an eye on any frayed wires or cords, and remove any signs of rust. The result will be tools that are in tip top shape ready to use at your next job!

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