10 tips for a good business reputation

In a time when customers have their choice of tradies, how can you make sure they are calling on you to get the job done?

All businesses rely on repeat trade and need their customers to be happy to use you again, but also so they will recommend you. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising and can also be your downfall if something goes terribly wrong. So how do you make sure people are talking about you in a positive way, and using your services again and again?

Here’s Trade Heroes’ Top 10 Tips on building and maintaining your business reputation.

1. Always be on time

One of the biggest complaints customers have when it comes to tradies is that they are never on time. We know that so many things can get in the way of you arriving on time, but remember your customers have busy lives too, and waiting around for you will not sit well. Keep your promises, and if something comes up, call and let them know.

2. Go the extra mile 

There is nothing like good old-fashioned service to put a smile on a customer’s face! If there’s something extra you can do while you’re there that shows you are going over and above what is expected, it will have a huge impact on how your customer sees you. Little things count, and everyone will remember that time they got an extra service – and they’ll tell their friends about it too!

3. Always provide a competitive price 

Tradies are in demand, and customers know this. But boom-times don’t last forever, and customers will always remember when they have been ripped off. Give honest quotes and fair prices. It’ll pay off in the long run.

4. Get your branding right 

Your branding defines the way the world sees you and your services, so it’s important to get it right. If “branding” is a completely foreign term for you, get the help of a marketing expert to get the right logos, photos, websites, and advertising. It’s a small thing to invest in but will have a huge impact on the way people see your company.

5. Focus on quality 

Quite simply, make sure every job you do is of the highest quality and uses well-known and trusted products. If you do a good job, the customer will be happy to use you again. Contrarily, if the work is shoddy and the products poor quality, customers will tell everyone they know that you can’t be trusted.

6. Give something back 

Businesses that are long-lasting are ones that are involved with their local community. There are plenty of not-for-profit groups, sporting clubs, and charities that could use a little helping hand every now and then. By giving something back, you will enjoy exposure for your business and build a positive reputation in the community. And you’ll feel good about yourself for helping out!


7. Be friendly and likeable! 

As a tradie, you rely on customers liking you and wanting to use your services. So put a smile on your face, crack a joke or two, pat the family dog when you arrive and have a cup of tea with the customer if they offer! A friendly tradie will be remembered and called on again and again.

8. Give them something to remember you by! 

You’ve finished a job; the customer has paid their invoice and they are admiring your work – now is the time to leave them your business card or fridge magnet or any other merchandise you might have that they can keep. Investing in giveaway items means you’ll have something for customers to keep on hand so they have your contact details for when they need you again. 

9. Update your Trade Heroes listing 

Want people to find you? Make sure your advertising works for you! Update your Trade Heroes listing to make sure you include suburbs you work in, update all your contact details, and of course promote any special offers you may have.

10. Ask for reviews 

Consumers love reading reviews, and many will make a purchasing decision based on what reviews are of the product or service. Ask your customers to write a review on google, on your Facebook page, or even for you to add to your website. Testimonials (as long as they are positive!) are invaluable.