Perth’s new online trade directory is full of heroes!

When it comes to getting a job done, the problem was simple.

People needed tradies and didn’t always know where to find them.
Plus, tradies needed work, and therefore they needed the good people of Perth to be able to find them!

The solution? “Trade Heroes” – an easy-to-use website that links up WA’s best tradies with the people who need them!

For tradies, gone are the days when an ad in the local newspaper and a listing in the Yellow Pages was all you needed!

These days, to attract new customers, you need a combination of google ad-word campaigns and social media marketing, all of which can be time-consuming, confusing, and expensive.

For consumers, we are bombarded with an endless stream of websites, social media pages, newsletters and gumtree ads…all of which end up leaving us even more confused and lost.

All we want is to hire the right trades-person to come and do a job, and we are left asking ourselves why is it all so hard?! And so, the Trade Heroes website was born!

Trade Heroes is a simple, economical source of advertising for tradies. Now you can advertise your business and promote your services to customers, without needing a marketing degree! The aim of Trade Heroes was to take the confusion out of advertising, and make it easier for tradies to connect with customers.

Through the Trade Heroes website, Perth tradies can sign up for low-cost advertising that is designed to keep their business listed over the long-term, as well as giving the option to change their messages to present special offers or seasonal information.

The website is completely interactive, meaning as soon as a customer puts in a request, you get a message to respond. Tradies can give easily give quotes to customers, and receive photos and info that helps with the job. The main thing of course is long-term exposure. Advertising your business can’t just be one-off, you need to keep your name out there so that people can find you again and again. Trade Heroes makes this easy to do, and doesn’t break the bank!

For Trade Hero customers? They can find the exact tradies they need all in the one place, meaning they save time, know they are getting the best service, and their job gets done within their time-frame and at the right price. Customers can browse hundreds of local tradies on the Trade Heroes website, and communicate directly with them through the site.

Forget the endless search, trying to remember who you’ve used before, and reading reviews on social media to make the decision on who to call. Trade Heroes has everything you need in the one place.

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